September RESULTS

  1. BEES KNEES | 2690 PTS

  2. GOAL DIGGERS | 2080 PTS

  3. S.W.A.T. | 1790 PTS

  4. TOP GUN | 1420 PTS


  6. A TEAM | 1240 PTS

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september’s Objectives


A lot of Points Available

( Just try and get as many as you can!)


Corporate games (A Lot of pts)

Two years ago we were able to bring home the trophy for the Corporate Games and we had a great year last year. We would love to be at the top once again for the 2019 games! There is 20 different events this year so it will take a great team effort to bring home a trophy.

Ryan G. will be our team captain once again and has an outstanding job laying out a sign up sheet to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to compete in this year’s games. We know that you are all busy but we hope that maybe some Amazing Race points will be enough to motivate you to show your team spirit!

Game Date Range: 9/15 - 9/27

Points for this objective will be earned as follows:

Point Opportunities

Team Member Competing in an Event = 50 pts

Team Member Attending an Event to Support (Must watch one full game) = 20 pts

Top 3 Finish In Your Event = 50 pts

If you sign up for an event and cancel without finding a replacement or don’t show up your team will be deducted 100pts at the end of the month. Don’t do it! :)

SEMO District Fair (A lot of pts)

The SEMO District Fair is back! This is a great way to show our support for so many of our customers that are vendors at the fair each year while also having a good time!

Points for this objective will be earned as follows:

Point Opportunities

Have lunch at the fair with your team = 50 pts

Take a picture with an insured at their booth and post to social media = 20 pts per post

Wearing AIC Gear in Post

+ 10 pts per post

game day gear (150 pts)

Football season has begun! Whether you’re a fan of high school, college or professional football this objective presents you the opportunity to show your love for your team! On Friday 9/13 everyone can wear their favorite team’s jersey or fan gear to work. This is also an easy way to add to those social points that are available each month.

Judges will determine the winners for this challenge:

Wear Your Favorite Gear

50 pts

Most Team Spirit

1st Place = 100 pts

2nd Place = 80 pts

3rd Place = 70 pts

4th Place = 60 pts

5th Place = 50 pts

6th Place = 40 pts

Leaders are learners (100 pts)

We strongly believe that we must constantly be learning as a company and as a team. Throughout the month we will be having workshops as a team that will help us learn new processes and tools for us to better serve our clients. These events will be required for each team member so the point totals will all be the same.

Attending Educational Workshops / Meetings

100 pts

Social post points (400 pts)

One of the goals for The Amazing Race is to show our community that we are more than just an insurance office. We are a team of people who enjoy where we work and enjoy serving our community. Social Media is a great tool for us to show this to those around us. The following social media points will be available each and every month through the finish of the race in December for any social post using #AmazingRaceAIC.

1 Social Post (max 10 posts per team per month)

10 pts

Wearing AIC Gear in Post

+ 10 pts

Serving Community/Volunteering in Post

+ 20 pts