october’s Objectives


1450 points available


Hydration Challenge (300 PTS)

Throughout the month of October we will be having a competition to see who can drink the most water as a team! Hydrating while you’re at work is very important and can play a big part in your overall mental and physical health. As you will see in the Commercial Lines area of the Cape Office, we will be tracking how much water your team is drinking during works hours. The goal will be set at 1,216oz per person for the month. That will require for you to average one 8oz glass of water each hour that you are at work. The challenge begins Monday, October 7th and ends on Thursday October 31st. Below is the point breakdown for this objective:

Drink 7,296oz Of Water As A Team (Team of 6)

200 pts

Highest Water Consumption

1st Place = 100 pts

2nd Place = 90 pts

3rd Place = 80 pts

4th Place = 70 pts

5th Place = 60 pts

6th Place = 50 pts

Community clean up (300 pts)

One of the best things we can do show our communities that we care is by physically demonstrating it to them. An easy way to do that is by cleaning and taking care of our city streets. By October 9th, your team must submit a street in any of our surrounding towns or cities that you will commit to picking a day in October to go clean up and serve at. This speaks volumes to those in the community that we are not just ‘takers’ but we are here to give with our time and effort.

Community Clean Up Day Participation

50 pts / Team Member

PINK UP! (180 pts)

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we want to show our support! On Friday October 11th wear your pink to work to show your support for those that are fighting against breast cancer.

Wear Your Pink To Work

20 pts / Team Member

Post to Social Media (using #AmazingRaceAIC)

+ 10 pts

bring a Book (170 pts)

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month! As some of you may know Shelley’s granddaughter, Quinn, has down syndrome and she and her family have committed to collecting 100 books throughout the month of October that they will donate to the hospital that she receives her care at. These books are a fantastic way for children like Quinn to find joy amidst many hospital visits and they can be a big blessing to families that are there.

That is why we are partnering with Miss Q’s Journey to raise 100 books as well at our offices. These books will be donated to our local hospitals in the area. We are asking the community to help us reach this goal but it starts with you! If you bring one or more (brand new) children’s book(s) to the office throughout the month you will receive 20 points per team member, that will go toward the Amazing Race. This is a great cause and we would be very grateful to those of you that are willing to contribute!

Bring A Book

20 pts / team member

+50 bonus pts if the whole team donates

Leaders are learners (100 pts)

We strongly believe that we must constantly be learning as a company and as a team. Throughout the month we will be having workshops as a team that will help us learn new processes and tools for us to better serve our clients. These events will be required for each team member so the point totals will all be the same.

Attending Educational Workshops / Meetings

100 pts

Social post points (400 pts)

One of the goals for The Amazing Race is to show our community that we are more than just an insurance office. We are a team of people who enjoy where we work and enjoy serving our community. Social Media is a great tool for us to show this to those around us. The following social media points will be available each and every month through the finish of the race in December for any social post using #AmazingRaceAIC.

1 Social Post (max 10 posts per team per month)

10 pts

Wearing AIC Gear in Post

+ 10 pts

Serving Community/Volunteering in Post

+ 20 pts